The word of the motorcycle office

Hello everyone,

Created in February 2011, the motorcycle section of the Val d’Isère sports club aims to bring together people with a common passion for motorbikes in all its forms.

Our objectives: organize outings and bike rides.
Create bonds of friendship and mutual help among the members.
Integrate with the community life of our village
Offer our skills to the sports club during the events it organizes
Participate in some competitions for those who want to fight with the stopwatch, our club is affiliated to the FFM.
Originally oriented on the Enduro, we have since last year a road section orchestrated by our friend André Krischer.
The general idea is mainly to have fun between enthusiasts, do not hesitate to join us.

For that nothing more simple, fill the form of adhesion which you will find attached (this bullletin can be filled directly by computer).

The office of the motorcycle section
Michel, Fred, Fabrice

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