The origins

Val D’Isère sport club association really is an institution in the ski resort of Val d’Isère . The ski resort was created in 1934, and the ski club association was created one year later in 1935. The man who created it, mister Charles DIEBOLD came from Alsace – a region located in the north East of France at the German border. The club was managed for many years by other men who came from Alsace, Louis Erny  first of all, then by Jean Claude Fritsch until 2006. Emmanuel Couder was in charge of it until 2014 when he let his place to Vincent Jay. Since April 2018 Ingrid Jacquemod is the new director of the club

A club that made history

Before becoming a multi sport club, ( alpine skiing, Soccer, Rugby, Rock Climbing, Cycling aso..) the club was essentially oriented to  alpine skiing  particularly ski racing. The club has helped nurture an unprecedented number of world class champions that have written French Ski History with their peerless records.

Historically it is the most highly medaled ski club in the world, thanks mainly to 5 exceptional champions: Henri OREILLER, Christine et Marielle GOITSCHEL, Jean-Claude KILLY and Mathieu BOZZETTO ( who won 5 Cristal globes in Alpine snowboarding ) . Altogether, these five won 20 gold medals and one bronze,  in the Olympic Games and world championship. Other noteworthy competitors in the club’s history  include Ingrid JACQUEMOD, Audrey PELTIER  Pierre PAQUIN, Alexandre BOUILLOT, Paul PAQUIN Laura JOULOT, Mélodie LAGACHE and  Dylan STARY

….and will continue to write history

Today the club has 65 junior skiers categorized by age, who are being trained by seven professional coaches all of whom are former competitive skiers.  The club is also piloting a “leisure ski” section to complement the ski club. This section currently hosts 82 children monitored by 8 ski instructors, to help detect the seeds of future champions, and to allow  a bridge for  integration into the ski club.

At the end of the 2014-2015 season Val d’Isère ranked first among all French ski clubs.

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