The 45th edition takes place from April 1 to 4, 2025

A scent of world cup

The Scara, often compared to a Youth World Cup, the first major international competition for the youngest (under 14 years) and minimal (under 16 years), brings together each end of the season 1500 skiers with the champions of tomorrow.

Since its creation in 1981, Scara has brought together those who have been skiing the world in the following years. French and foreigners.

Originally reserved for boys, the event honored Luc Alphand during his first edition, author of the double slalom / super-G in minimal. The great names of modern French skiing were then revealed and succeeded. From Joël Chenal to Jean-Baptiste Grange via Frédéric Covili, Antoine Dénériaz, Pierre-Emmanuel Dalcin, Cyprien Richard and Johan Clarey, these Tricolores were all kings of Val d’Isère, a day in early April.

Like Anna Ottosson, Carolina Ruiz Castillo, Anja Paerson and Janica Kostelic, foreign champions have also put their claws on the test before winning the world.

There is the competition side but the Scara was able to stay despite the challenge a friendly meeting for children with an afternoon games in the heart of the resort followed by the parade of nations that gives it an Olympic flavor, Not forgetting the memorable awards ceremony with podiums in the main street.

The Avaline competition played at La Daille has often been the scene of many beautiful stories like the saga of Alphand. Estelle Alphand achieved the double slalom and super-G in 2008, 27 years after that of her father “Lucho”. His little brothers did not deserve: Nils was 2nd in super-G in 2009 and Sam won in super-G and slalom in 2013.

While diving in the album to the memories, one remembers also the episode of the minibus in which slept Ante Kostelic and his children, Ivica then Janica. One year, the vehicle broke down in the climb to Val d’Isère, which did not prevent the domination of young Croats, future great White Circus! We also think of the slalom and super-G victories of Hugo Geraci and his little sister Romane, whose destiny we are talking about. Stories written along the slopes at the beginning of April …



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